killin' time

This page is all about fun or weird things to do on the web if you are just killing time (or avoiding work). Feel free to suggest more by adding a comment.

Orisinal - more fun games! This has a whole bunch to choose from. Thanks to stompeers for the linky on this one.

Jason Kottke - "has the most amazing compendium of things on the Web to view and consider, when you are in the mood for some serious entertainment -- or to kill time. :)" - Added from comment by Sameer

Falling sand game - mesmerizing, as you affect falling sand streams.

Ask A Ninja - all the rage and basically in the same vein as HomeStarrunner without the flash.

Google Image Labeler - You label images for Google search in a little collaborative game with other folks online. You are basically trying to both pick the same term to describe a picture. It's pretty addictive.

KrazyDad's Experimental Colr Pickr - pick a color and it will pull a group of Flickr photos that match.

LibriVox - either listen or learn to record Public Domain books.

Wikipedia's Random Article link - this is totally geek, but I am addicted

Homestarrunner - Check out the "first time here?" button and then go watch StrongBad's emails. [Bonus for those who really have time to kill: Burning Horizon's list of Strong Bad Email Secrets!]


I remember when everyone's personal website had this page of random fun links! I miss those days.