In Texas

Well, I haven’t really had a chance to get online to write much about what I am doing right now and this will be short.

I am in San Antonio volunteering with the San Antonio Food Bank (a Second Harvest food bank) to help them help Katrina evacuees. The people here are exhausted and we are a week behind in processing everything because of the overwhelming flow of donations and need.

Now we have Rita on the way and everyone is coming to San Antonio because Houston is in line for Rita. We may get some flooding but we are well over 100 miles from the coast so the hurricane probably will not cause damage here. The Texas coast is evacuating as well as having to move Katrina evacuees that had taken refuge in Houston and other coastal areas. The term “hurricane fatigue” is being used to describe the sheer exhaustion and frustration many in the area from Mississippi to Texas are feeling.

Later I’ll write more about what exactly I am doing here and I hope to get some pictures to post as well.