Contrast and Sadness

Well, I have now moved to the Riverwalk Westin and have begun Linux Admin training for work. It feels pretty surreal. It almost makes last week feel like a dream. It is hard to go from helping people find food to eat to hanging out in a nice hotel with a feather bed and marble everywhere. Instead of looking at a computer trying to help people eat I am now looking at a computer to do my job that brings in a salary that means I don’t have to worry about my next meal. Anyway, it is just a weird, sudden contrast that has me feeling off balance.

My last day at the food bank was pretty sad. I had bonded with these great folks in a short time and it made me teary to hug them goodbye. I really wanted to stay. I was also surprised at my strong emotional response that the change of location hit me with. I said goodbye to my wonderful friends Carol and Mark, dragged my feet returning the rental car and then cried on the shuttle to downtown San Antonio. I am still tearing up about the whole thing and it isn’t what I expected at all. I figured it would effect me but I’m really feeling worn out and sad. It doesn’t help that I’m away from home and I sort of feel like I’m hanging in the breeze. Friday is not so far away, Friday is not so far away, Friday is not so far away….