Cool toys for Geeks Like Us (TM)

So we went to a Holiday party 2 weeks ago that had one of those “bring a gift and we’ll play a game” things going on. This is that game where everyone picks a number and you sequentially pick a gift from the pile or steal someone else’s gift. Neither of us is a big fan of the aforementioned game but we complied to keep it jolly. To make a long story short, Colleen stole away the bestest gift of them all – a Clapper. We took it home and dumped it in a corner. But when we set up our Christmas tree, we thought “Hey, let’s hook up the Clapper.” Well, we have been endlessly amused since. We have been experimenting with “clap” sourcs that will turn the tree lights on and off – butt slaps, belly slaps, book smacks, etc. We even hooked up our living room lamp because this most awesomest of appliances has two, count ’em – two, outlets for your clapping pleasure.

Next year, everyone on my list is getting a Clapper.