I write for 8th Graders

According to the Gunning-Fog index of readability I’m very good at writing simple sentences (we’ll just ignore that five syllable word back there). I have a paltry (yet desired?) 8.91{8f8e1de30cd05f4f204cb462a11d30b8b55091276a9d5bd962aa203a2aae90c8} of words that are three syllables or more. I guess repeating syllable over and over again will push that up. My Gunning-Fog index is at 8.32 which is supposed to line up with the average grade for a reader who can hack through my syllables. Don’t even look at the Flesch-Kincaid Grade – I don’t even get out of elementary school there. (Note, these are based on the Journal’s web address and not the home page –

Well, I guess it’s good to know that I can always fall back to journalism as a second career.