In My Headphones: Imogen Heap

I am not into music to the same degree I used to be years ago but I do have a nice big 30GB mp3 player that has a full range of music on it that I use for the commute back and forth to the big city. Now, I occasionally I go to random mode or even genre but most of the time I scroll through, find an artist I want to listen to and pretty keep playing it until I get sick of it. That normally means I listen to one artist or album for at least 3 or 4 days and often a week or more. Over and over again, an hour each way, each day.

So the current voice stuck in my headphones is Imogen Heap. Specifically I’m listening to “Speak For Yourself”, which is her latest album. I first encountered her when I stumbled across the band Frou Frou which is her band with (producer) Guy Sigsworth. I would periodically see if they had any follow up with naught to be found. Then in one of my dips back into music I saw that she had released a solo album on her own label. I still like Frou Frou’s “Details” album but I like “Speak For Yourself” even more. I’m no good at reviews but here a quick few from the wonderful web if you want a little more.

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