The Addition Begins…

Well the permits have come through and my contractor will be posting them on the property on Tuesday morning. They will do excavation and get the foundation in either next week or the week after. We’re pretty excited to be moving forward finally after lots of paperwork and talking.

The only drawback right now is that we still have a shed full of crap against the back of the house that needs to be addressed by the middle of next week. I’ve been procrastinating because I have had so many other things on my plate. So, today we began getting ready to transfer all of it to the other shed on the property (at the back, away from the house) and I’ve gotten two of my neighbors, Eggie and Earl, to do the nasty work of tearing it down and hauling it away. (For those that know Eggie, Earl will be doing the heavy work and knows to keep an eye on Eggie so he doesn’t try to be a hero.)

I’m going to take pictures every step of the way and hopefully manage to keep up with entries on at least the major happenings as we move forward.