Crawlspace Cleanup

In the midst of all of the addition happenings we are also doing a few things to the existing house as well. The day after Thanksgiving we had Floodbusters come out and clean up the crawlspace. Our crawl normally has water in it after rain and is generally a nasty, moist place. We had it sealed with a CleanSpace system which is basically a heavy duty plastic liner that extends up the walls and has a sump pump dropped in with a sealed top. I’ve added just a few before and after pictures in the House gallery. You can see that it is much, much more pleasant now and I’m sure that my mechanical guys will appreciate it as they have to crawl around down there while connecting the addition electrical, plumbing and HVAC up to the existing house. Of course, it also means that we will protect the wood on the underbelly of the house and generally keep mold and moisture problems out of the house.