I’ve been busy!

Sorry about the lack of updates. I just added a bunch of pictures and we are really close to being done now. We have heat and electricity in the addition as well as basement insulation which are all very welcome now that we are getting lows in the teens at night. The bathroom is coming together and now that the drywall is getting finished up in there, we can paint and get the fixtures installed. After that, other than some clean up work and the hot water heater that should be about it from the contractor. We still need to put our laminate floors in and of course a ton of painting needs to happen. The old house has a spanky new roof (that doesn’t leak!) and the old siding should be all replaced sometime this coming week. We also managed to hack out the old half-dead junipers from the front of the house and trim all of the other stuff back so Ernie could get in to do the siding. My favorite part of all that was getting to buy a new chainsaw – woohoo! Whew, so that is all on the house front.

Aside from all that fun Colleen and I have both been very busy with work, as always. I have a number of freelance jobs running right now and I have a JavaScript class that started this week (I signed up when I thought I didn’t have much else on radar – oh well). So, this missive ends with me needing to get back to work.