Finally on Drupal

Well, as you can see the site looks pretty different. I have finally moved on to Drupal and since it is my new bread and butter, it is only fitting. 😉 This is a barebones site for the time being with just my old journal entries. I will fill out a few more things over the next few weeks but all of the rocktreesky freelance stuff is gone since I am no longer offering those services. One thing I’ve done is bring over most of the entries from my personal site,, with the idea that I will merge all of the information and functionality into rocktreesky and eventually just have addisonberry point here. The biggest thing missing overall right now are all of the pictures, which may take a little while because I really want to carefully think out how I will approach the gallery – with good ole image.module or spanky new imagecache and views. I also have some nice ideas for a new theme so stay tuned!

If you notice anything generally wonky please let me know since this is a rather dramatic change under the hood as well as on the surface.