The seven-year itch

Yay, I am at home again! It is a short-lived visit home from New York as I go back next week but the best part about being home today is that it is mine and Colleen’s seven year anniversary. I’ve missed her a ton while being in New York so much and it feels good to know I’ll actually see her tonight. She has been out of town and working hard as much as me these last few weeks so we have barely even spoken on the phone.

I have to say that seven years doesn’t feel itchy at all. It feels like a big sweater that has gotten softer and more comforting over the years. I’ve grown so much as a person thanks to Colleen’s patience, intelligence and humor and I feel that we have enriched each other’s lives tremendously. Even the hard, icky bits have such a sense of growth rather than damage. People say relationships are hard work and in many ways they really, really are. But when you find a good one the beautiful thing is that you are inspired to hard work, and not just so you aren’t lonely at night but because the synergy drives you to better who you are. So, this is just to say that I am one lucky girl and more than ready for seven more and plus years of hard work, love and comfort.