Upgraded, moved and lookin’ plain

Drupal 6 was officially released on Wednesday, February 13 and I have now upgraded the site. At the same time I also moved my site off of shared hosting onto my new VPS with Slicehost. I had set the server up around the holidays and have been cleaning up other servery things before I finally made the move. The most important thing that delayed the move was email. I have no intention of running my own mail server – it’s too important to me and Colleen. Instead, we are using Tuffmail. I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with the new VPS server (which I *love*), that the new Tuffmail setup was all good and, most importantly, I had some time to focus on it, take my time and not blow everything up. Drupal 6 coming out was really good timing so I went ahead and did it all at the same time. Lo and behold, it all went very smoothly and looks like all systems are go.

My site is pretty light at this point and I didn’t have many contrib modules running. The only one I really like and isn’t quite ready is tagadelic. Everything else was ported already or something I didn’t care too much about. Notably I am not using any image modules. Neither Image nor Imagefield/Imagecache are ready yet but honestly I have no issue just doing Upload and HTML. I do plan to rethink something like a gallery on the site but it isn’t a pressing need for me so it can wait. Tagadelic has patches in the queue getting it close so hopefully a little playing around over the next few weeks will get it upgraded all the way. You’ll also notice the site is using stock Garland for the moment. The old theme wasn’t much of a theme really, since it was supposed to just be a placeholder ’til I made a real theme. I am actually working on a theme now but it may be a little while, it involves creating graphics and I am not good at that stuff and I’m *really* slow at it. Hopefully once I get my doodles done, I’ll be able to whip up the rest of it pretty quickly – we’ll see.

EDIT: Feb. 17, I am now running a patched version of tagadelic and looks like the porting is just about done. Thanks to the folks rockin’ that issue.