New theme

I’ve finally gotten some time to finish up my new theme for rocktreesky. Obviously it follows the naming of the site but it also just feels a lot more like home to me. I’m not the best at graphics but the new header is close enough to the picture in my mind that I’ll be happy with it. Right now the tree is in winter display but spring is less than a week away so I will be updating the header to have a spring tree soon. I also plan to eventually create a night sky that will show when it is night time at home. I will probably be making small tweaks over time as everything isn’t exactly what I want yet (like the pagers and comments) but I figured it was close enough to roll.

I built the theme using Firefox and it seems to work fine in Safari and Opera. I did look at it in IE and I can tell you it is horribly broken in IE6 and I have no intention of fixing that. I think I’ve got it set up so that IE6 just gets no styling at all and a little message saying you should upgrade. I didn’t really test it out though, so good luck. In IE7 it looks mostly OK, so I don’t think it is worth the minor tweaks. If anyone finds anything horribly broken in a modern browser, feel free to leave a comment, but do realize that making it look pretty for everyone is not a priority for me.