On the way to Szeged

Registration for Drupalcon Szeged finally opened up last week and I’m all set to go. Got the flight booked as well as my logistics for Hungary. For anyone that hasn’t looked at the registration yet, it is really a rocking setup. First of all if you register before June 30th, you get a very nice discount on the conference admission (only 80 Euros). Secondly, the ‘con team has done a wonderful job of making it easy to arrange your ground transport and accommodations.

For accommodations you can browse/search through a wide variety of hostels, pensions and hotels to find the right fit. They also thought ahead and make it really easy for one person to handle things on behalf of a group. I booked a room in Szeged at a pension and easily added some other ‘bots to it. Now when they register, they can just skip that part and we’re all covered.

I also opted for the Drupalcon shuttle bus from Budapest. I really love trains and was planning that initially but the bus will be a non-stop ride filled with fellow Drupalers so I couldn’t resist the comfort and companionship. This was an easy click, click during registration and now I’m all hooked up.

The next thing I need to do is sit down and figure out what session I’d like to submit. They’ve got four tracks set and a four full days of ‘con so make sure you get your talk submitted before the deadline at the end of July. I also have to admit that I am a big BoF attendee and so I suspect I’ll be trolling the BoFs and perhaps proposing a few of my own as well.

So, anyway, get on it folks! The conference team is doing an amazing job organizing this. It feels really solid with lots of time to make sure things get done right. I’m pretty damned excited and I’ve got my “teach yourself Hungarian” CDs a-playin’.