DrupalCon Szeged is gonna rock

Drupalcon Szeged

Like many other Drupalers ’round the world, I’m getting ready to fly to Szeged, Hungary for DrupalCon. The conference starts up Wednesday and myself and my fellow Lullabots, Angie and Nate, will be heading out tomorrow. I’ve been “training” myself to get up really early over here in the hopes that jetlag won’t completely destroy me. My presentation is first up on the first day, right after Dries’ keynote so I’d like to present while at least half-awake, if possible. I’m excited to be hanging out with hundreds of Drupal nuts for a week, but in particular, this is my list of “things I’m doing fer like total sure” while there:

Whew! And that is just the first two days that I have figured out so far. After the 4 session days are over, there will be a “code sprint” on August 31 too. During the sprint day I will be focusing on the Doc sprint instead of code. We have a list of things to hammer on all day long and we will be on IRC the whole time so that folks from all over can help out, even if they couldn’t make it to Szeged.

So, basically just between what I’ve already scheduled, Drupal Association meetings, hanging out with friends new and old, and checking out some of beautiful Szeged I’m gonna be one whupped puppy by the end. 🙂 I can’t wait.