Docs Challenge May: Issue cleanup part 2

I know that we have done the issue queue work as a challenge already, the very first one in January as a matter of fact. We got a lot accomplished in January, so let’s do a spring cleanup. The reason I want to come back to the issue queue is two-fold. First, it still needs lots of love, as always, and second, I plan to finally post a beginning docs roadmap, and get some working groups kick-started around some of our big issues this month. We will be creating a lot of new issues in the docs issue queue, so I’d love for us to tidy up our work area before heading in to some ambitious new projects.

I know that working in the issue queue can seem a little intimidating so I really do want to have times when folks will be in IRC to help answer questions while working through the queue. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to get “higher approval” for making decisions on issues. This is the everyone’s queue, but it is nice to have one or two other people around to bounce ideas off of and ask questions as you work through things. I’ll try to be available in IRC on #drupal-docs as much as I can, but I’d also like to have some preset times. So, let’s say meet up in IRC every Sunday and Thursday at 5 p.m. GMT (see when that is in your timezone). My schedule will be all over the place this month since half of it I will be traveling around Europe to various Drupalcamps, so I may not be online at these times, but please do come together anyway and help each other out.