Need some help: surveys, interviews and recording

A few weeks ago I posted a draft Drupal documentation roadmap on In that post I attached the full roadmap of goals, but focused on the first two we are tackling: a new information architecture (IA) and recognition/reward for documentation contributors. We had a meeting in IRC shortly after and we discussed a number of questions and ideas. I’ve been on the road a lot since then, but things are still moving along and this post is to give a little nudge about what folks can do to get involved. We need folks to help with our survey, start up an interview process and give some advice on recording conversations. We are also in the process of scheduling our next meeting to talk about Drupal 7 documentation, so if you want to hop in on that, please fill out the Doodle to set a time.


When we posted the roadmap we also opened up a survey to gather feedback on recognizing contributors. The survey is about saying “thank you” to contributors. I’m going to close the survey this Thursday, July 2, so if you haven’t filled it out yet, take a few minutes to do that this week. Once we close the survey, we’ll need to analyze the results, start to sketch out things we might implement and look at what other surveys may be useful. If you are interested in helping with the analysis, please let me know.


The next big item that we need help with is to begin the IA stakeholder interviews. This is one of several ways that Becca is gathering data to construct a new architecture for our documentation. We need folks that are willing to interview, as well as be interviewed. We have a script that you can follow and Becca will provide instructions. The interviews can be done in person, on the phone or using Skype. If you would like to take part or learn more about the interview process, please sign up!

Recording Skype

One related issue we have is that we would love to have the Skype interviews recorded but we don’t have good instructions for how to record both sides of a Skype conversation on multiple platforms, using free tools if possible. If you are familiar with recording Skype and have any tips or time to write up instructions for the tools you use, it would be a huge help to the docs team. Feel free to drop me a note, or just add your instructions directly to the handbook in the Content architecture section (click the Add child page link at the bottom and go nuts).