Drupal 7 docs depend on you

Drupal 7 is coming and it has a ton of UI changes with the D7UX lovefest that has been going on, in addition to a some very different APIs. This time around it’d be extra nice if we had up-to-date documentation when our beloved Drupal 7 hits the streets. Few want to write it, but many sure bitch when it isn’t there. 😉 Drupal 6 was a little, um, lacking out of the gate, and it took us quite a while to get even the basics filled out. We’d like to avoid a repeat of that situation. To that end we have started to organize ourselves to make sure to cover all aspects of Drupal 7 from end user to API. We had the first D7 docs meeting on July 10 and another on July 31. We’ll have two more, during August, before code freeze and Drupalcon Paris in September. The plan is to start on work we can tackle now, while in thaw, and plan out what we need to do as soon as freeze hits. We’ll have two doc sprint days in Paris and we’d like to take full advantage of them for Drupal 7 by having a game plan already set up.

You can see what we have sketched out so far on the Drupal 7 documentation community initiatives page. It is open to editing so if you feel inspired to add more info and/or dive in, feel free. We will also be conducting some core doc sprints in August to help get core docs caught up to the code so far. The first ones will be this week, on Tuesday August 4 and Thursday August 6 from 7 pm – 9 pm EDT (find your time)*. The idea is to take the time to teach newbies while we get the work done, so everyone should feel welcome to participate, even if it is just watching for now. 🙂 We need a range of skills to get these done, from review and writing, to needing coders and people who understand how to create and work with patches. We’ll have a few mentors on hand at each sprint so please come on by and learn some new skills or share by helping others.

* We’d love to plan more sprints at other times so that folks in other parts of the world can take part. If you would be willing to mentor a sprint, let me know and we can get you familiar with what you need to feel comfortable. Then you can just pick a date and time that is convenient for you.