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Torpedo Cocktail

This is one is the same in all three books, and is pretty much a twist on brandy, with a dash of gin. So, put some liquor on your liquor, and call it good. I’m not sure what the gin is supposed to be doing here, but I have to say it doesn’t sound promising.

Torpedo Cocktail

The Recipe

  • 2 oz. apple brandy
  • 1 oz cognac
  • 1 dash gin

The Tasting

Eh, this may be a bit weird, but it’s not horrible. I still don’t understand what the gin is there for. Frankly, I’d be rather fine with just a sip of nice calvados all by itself instead.

This post is part of a series working through some of the cocktails in a Danish bartender’s notebook from the 1930s, Lommebogen.