I Talk Good

Here is site that is great for getting all riled up over language, Common Errors in English. One of my favorite parts is the Non-Errors page. I am certainly not the grammarian that I was raised to be but boy-howdy there are some errors out there that just really get under my skin. One phrase that makes me nuts is “Could care less” since I have actually found myself saying it! I have to stop and think about what I am saying when I feel too lazy to add the extra syllable.

Colleen’s pet peeve, nuclear (it only has ONE “u” folks), is on his list as well as my perennial nails-on-a-chalkboard favorite, less/fewer. One that I encounter daily while riding the DC Metro and working in the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government that suffers the same “phantom u” problem as nuclear is judiciary pronounced as jew-dish-yew-ary. That one is not on the list but it probably isn’t necessarily a common error outside of DC Metro stops or working in the halls of justice.