Learning with some masters

I will be attending a four-day workshop on the Drupal CMS offered by Lullabot, a group of Drupal masters, in August. I have already figured out a lot of “the Drupal way” by working with it on my own but I really look forward to the prime opportunity to actually discuss specific questions and issues with folks who really understand the guts of the code. I’m excited about what I will be able to bring to my projects after these four days.

Most of my client sites (and this site as well) are built on WordPress and I do love many aspects of it. It is dead simple from a back-end view of things and there are many, many plugins that let me make it easy for my clients to use. Drupal is more powerful but oftentimes really just a little too much for a pretty straight-forward website and so haven’t used it often. I am moving into some more complex projects both in freelance work as well as in my day job that do require the power of a major CMS though and the more I work with Drupal the more I really appreciate it. With both WordPress and Drupal in my toolbox I can produce what my clients need in a way that allows them to take control and the greatest thing of all is the fact that they are both free, open-source products.