In My Headphones: Fluke

So, recently I have been stuck on Fluke. They may be most well known to the general population (if at all) for the “sex/rave scene” music in The Matrix Reloaded, a track called Zion. Unless you listen to stuff like Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method and Underworld you probably haven’t heard of them. I dare say that most people who know me wouldn’t necessarily pick me out to be a Techno/Trip-Hop/Electronica music fan, but generally it is the one style of music I will almost always be in the mood to listen or dance to (btw, not Colleen’s cup of tea at all).

I recently decided to start pulling together music for working out (re: the new gym membership and workout goals) and I went straight to my main music for good rhythm and motivation. After sifting through some of my favorite stuff I have managed to get stuck listening to lots of Fluke again. I have a mix of my favorite songs from all of their albums so I am not really listening to one album per se. if you want to start out with one album though I would recommend “Puppy” or “Risotto” or go ahead and get a compilation. The 3 CD boxed set, “Progressive History XXX”, has great mixes on it but if you only want to dip a toe in you can get “Progressive X” which is a 1 CD short list from the full boxed set.

There is now a new Fluke-based project called 2 Bit Pie that are supposed to put an album out in September. I’m curious to see what they deliver.

A PopMatters review of Progressive X and here is their review of Puppy.

For another perspective here is a review of Puppy from Progressive Sounds.