Construction has begun

Just a quick note that construction began last week. I happened to be home the morning it all started because I had to wait for the county inspector to give our new gas line the official OK.

I snapped a bunch of pics and the neighbors came around to check it all out as well. We now have a big muddy pit where our backyard used to be and mountains of dirt all over the place. They used a bunch of the dirt and gravel to create a huge, truck-worthy driveway up our hill. we had one little snafu with the cable line not being marked and well, getting cut somewhere. Needless to say, in our house that is tantamount to chopping off an arm. Screw the TV, I need my intertubes connection! Thank God the local library has free wireless internet access (go Howard county!). I managed to get Comcast out the next day and they have run a temporary, above-ground line. It will take them two to three weeks to come out and bury it. It looks so small and fragile in all that muck and gravel. My connection, my lifeline. *sigh*

The foundation guys started yesterday and we now have some concrete quietly setting at the bottom of the pit. I have some more pics of the foundation work but still need to post them (I have been pretty busy with a number of freelance projects bubbling along right now). It will get harder for me to capture the progress on weekdays since it is just falling dark as I get home now and once we fall back for daylight savings I will only gets pics early in the morning (yeah, right) or on weekends.