Google Loves Me, This I Know

…for the search results tell me so.

I have to say that I was pretty surprised when I discovered a hit to my site for a Google search on “drupal theme building freelance” (and was pleased that it translated into my first international client). Out of curiosity I did the search and I was truly shocked to be the fourth hit, right after Ted Serbinski, who I learned drupal theming from. I’ve since dropped to page two of google results for that search, but I’m still pretty damned pleased.

Then today I got another Google surprise. I have a hit for a search on just “drupal”. I went to the search page and while I’m not on the first page or well, even the first ten, I’m geek enough that I’m stoked to be with in the top 220 hit results for “drupal”, along with Michael Angeles’ urlgreyhot. Sweet!

Anyway, being relatively new to Drupal and still within my first year of freelance work, I couldn’t be happier and I plan to keep up with more Drupal work and involvement in the community.