House Update

Here is an update on the addition project for those following along. I’ve been adding pictures to the gallery but not really talking about what all is happening. Today they are backfilling the basement and putting the “escape hatch” into place (my contractor laughed when he saw that since in building speak it is called an egress window. I knew it started with an “e”…). So, bascially that means they will move part of the mountains in my trees back into the hole from whence they came and then cart the rest off to the landfill. I would normally run around taking more pictures of the whole process but I’m still quite sick and today is a bad day (due to a very bad night) so I don’t really have the energy right now.

Even better news than the backfilling is that the addition is already “online” and being built. They are looking to actually set the sucker the end of next week or the week after! I can’t believe how fast all of that happened. I’m pretty excited but it also means we need to get our ass in gear to start lining up the things we will need to do to finish it off. We have decided to take care of all the flooring and the bathroom on our own to save some money so we’ve got our work cut out for us. Oh, and the pictures will fly for sure.

Update on the update: I’ve added pictures showing how it looks now that it is backfilled (and all the water we have back there).