Ack, I’m a Mac convert

Getting my new MacBook Pro has been a much longer story than it ever should have been and I’m not going to go into all of the gory details. It started by ordering one online and then two days later Apple announced the release of the new Core 2 Duo. Eh, hey that is a better machine for the same damned price I paid for the old one! Suffice it to say that I have been the owner of a new Core 2 Duo 15″ MBP for two weeks now. And I am freakin’ loving it. I still love Ubuntu and will keep using it on my desktop but I really am impressed with what Apple has going here.

I’m still faintly annoyed that I felt compelled to get the Mac to begin with. The reason I did is because I wanted all three major OS I need (Ubuntu, Win XP and Mac OSX) on one machine. You can only (legally) run Mac OS on Apple hardware so I needed to get a Mac to achieve my goal. I am now happily running Ubuntu 6.10 and Win XP on Parallels. I have to say that although I bought this under protest at being strong-armed into the decision, I am beginning to get that giddy, mac fanboy-like excitement. Apple may be weird control freaks but at least they are producing a really great product. They avoid adding insult to injury.

I’ve been finding all kinds of toys for my new baby and figuring various tweaks to keep me from going crazy (like the right click issue – I have my track pad set to show the context menu when I two-finger tap). I’m losing track of all the stuff I have installed and set up but the two biggies that are just cool are Quicksilver and Virtue Desktops. I haven’t even scratched the surface of Quicksilver but I can see why it is pretty standard for all Mac users. More Mac gushing is sure to follow.