Tap, tap. Is this thing on? (Also, a new 365 project)

Wow, it’s been over TWO years since I’ve posted anything here. I mean… Damn, that’s a long time. Well, I’m here to blow the dust off this thingy, and speak to the webs in more than 140 characters again. I’ve decided to tackle another 365 photo project (a photo a day for one year). I did this many years ago, and found it to be a fascinating tracking of my life. I have dropped off with photography in the last years (heh, about the same as my blog writing) and I want to get back into exploring the world through a camera lens again. As part of this 365, I also want to make a concerted effort to really learn how to take better pictures. Last year I became the proud owner of a Canon Rebel T3i, thanks in large part to needing a good camera for recording video for work. I’ve sorted out the basics of my fancy new camera, but I want to get to know it thoroughly, and see how that changes my snapshot photography. I also have my trusty Canon 90S, which I’ll also continue to use, and hopefully improve with as well. I think focusing on learning all the ins and outs of both of my cameras, and the three lenses I have for the Rebel, will make me a better photographer simply because I’ll understand my possibilities better, and how to get the camera to capture the shot I want, instead of the defaults.

To tackle this learning process I wanted to find some kind of regular way to work through camera technique, and apply that to me 365 project. I searched for quite a while to find something already out there that I could just follow along with. There are tons of resources out there, but I couldn’t find anything that was exactly what I wanted. I want a weekly topic with exercises that I could work through in a logical way. Since I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, I decided to make my own up. I’ve researched a bunch of tutorials (and I’ve joined two Udemy photo classes) along with exercises from all over, and I’ve put them into a list that I’m going to follow on a weekly basis.

This first week will be getting familiar with my cameras, and specifically my lenses (50mm prime, 18mm-55mm kit, and 55mm-250mm telephoto), by working with focal length. Hopefully I’ll actually keep up with this, both by maintaining my 365 project, and keeping up in the blog with my progress. We’ll see about that. 😉