My Weekly Photo Technique Plan

I’m on a journey to take a picture a day for a year, and in the process learn photography. To do that second part, I’m having myself do an exercise a week related to a specific technique, or aspect of my cameras. I couldn’t find a set of exercises and explanations that suited my needs, so I’ve been doing my own research, and finding a variety of resources with exercises to do. I’m compiling them here on my blog as I go. I’ve had a number of people ask what exercises I’m going to be doing, so instead of making everyone wait for the end of each week when I blog the exercise and my progress, I thought I’d give a starting place for others who want to do a similar thing by sharing my general plan, and some of the resources I’ve found so far. There are TONS out there, but this is where I’m starting and then organizing it my own way. You’ll notice not all of my topics have links to resources yet, because I haven’t gotten that far. Feel free to give feedback or point to more awesome resources.

These are the topics I’ll be going through (subject to change!), and I’ll link to my exercise blog post from here as I complete them. My goal is to work on these weekly, but some of these may expand into more than one week, or I may just have an off week, so don’t get cranky with me if I go off schedule. 😉

  1. Focal length
  2. Shutter speed
  3. Aperture
  4. Hyperfocal distance
  5. ISO
  6. Ansel Adams zone system (exposure)
  7. Histogram
  8. Exposure compensation
  9. Natural light
  10. Electric light
  11. Flash
  12. Perspective and Angle
  13. Rule of thirds
  14. Color

This is not enough to last a year obviously, although you could say that focusing on these base techniques and camera features for a whole year is probably not a bad idea. I dare say I will revisit some of these (like the focal length one for sure) until I really feel comfortable with them, and I will add more as I get going. This is definitely enough to last me a few months to get started.