How to Vote for Drupal Association Board Members

The Drupal Association (DA) At-large Board seat is now open for voting. The polls will remain open through March 20th. (Note: I couldn’t find this written down, but I believe this means until 11:59pm UTC on the the 20th.) To be eligible to vote, you need to have a account already, and to have logged into it at least once in the last year.

Before you dive into the voting, you should probably review the candidates and sort out at least who are your top three picks. You can read individual nominations on the candidates listing page, and you can find recordings for three different “meet the candidates” sessions listed in the sidebar of that same page. Here is my profile, and this is the recorded session I took part in. Don’t forget that you can also ask candidates questions in the comments on our profiles. The reason you want to pick at least a few top candidates is due to the way the voting actually happens.

The DA uses the instant-runoff voting system, also known as the alternative voting system, which is a pretty neat way to do your voting. You can dive into the details of it by reading the Wikipedia article, or watching a quick YouTube video about how it works and comparing it to the more common voting system. The short of it is that instead of picking just one person you want to vote for, you get to rank the candidates in order of preference. Essentially you can pick “fall-back” votes if your first candidate ends up at the bottom of the pile.

For the DA elections, we have 23 candidates all running for one open position. When you get to the voting page, you’re going to see a list of all the candidates, and instead of just checking off one person in the list, you’ll be able to rank all of them. Now, you can rank every single person, but you don’t have to. You can select only one person if you want, or you could pick your top five. You get to choose how many people you rank, and in which order.

Once you’ve completed your ranking, then you just submit your vote, and we’ll find out the results after March 20th. If you change your mind before March 20th, you can also go back to the voting screen and change your vote. This is an important vote where you are selecting someone who will be representing your voice on the Drupal Association Board. Please get out and vote!