Joining the Drupal Association Board

Wow. That was the first thing I said when I found out that I had been elected to the Drupal Association Board. The next thought was how much trust the Drupal community has put in me. I’m honored to be elected. Thank you. I also want to thank my fellow nominees, who all stepped forward with passion and great ideas. It was a joy to be on the “meet the candidate” discussions with them, and I would have been thrilled had one of them been elected in my place. I’m excited to get to work with the amazing Drupal Association team. I’m not going to lie; one of the reasons I applied for this position was to be able to work with these great people. It is an amazing opportunity for me, and I hope to add my part to pushing the Drupal project and community into the future. Woohoo!

I’m very aware that as one of the two At-large Directors on the board, I’ve been chosen to represent your voice; the voice of the Drupal community. Please feel free to reach out to me, here on my blog, through Twitter (add1sun), or my profile, to share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.